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All V Star 1100 Intakes are not created equal

If you want performance from your Yamaha V Star 1100 look no further! Our Chubby performance intake kits for the V Star 1100 deliverer a solid 6 to 8 HP gain & flawless tuning.

Real power felt with every twist of the throttle. Designed exclusively for the XVS-1100 V-Star back in 2002, our V Star 1100 Intakes have been the number one performance choice for V Star 1100 riders… Our “CHUBBY” kits will bring out the performance gains you and your bike were longing for. The Chubby V Star 1100 Intakes comes complete, with everything needed for the installation.

Our kits use genuine K&N Hi-Flow intake filters, providing 72 inches of filter surface capable handling any performance upgrade. The kit also maintains a full unrestricted 2 & 3/8 opening at the intake boot, and this translates to smoother and  greater air flow and more air flow, equals more HP!! Our year specific jet kits include jetting for all exhaust options, stock, modified stock, slip-on’s and all full aftermarket systems. The C and D kits are designed to deal with late models equipped with fuel cutoff solenoids. No cutting, no grinding, no Frankenstein modifications required, also nothing else to buy. Install it and ride it!

V Star 1100 Intakes

Chubby Performance Intake

Our Premium Chubby performance intakes include our exclusive crankcase breather oil collector kit. Our SSCC crankcase breather oil collector serves to capture oil vapor & crankcase blow-by and contain the majority of it.  Therefore eliminating oily mess on you engine and extending the life of the crank vent filter.

The kits crank vent collector canister sits in line between the cylinder-head vent and the crank vent filter. Blow-by gases and oil vapor escaping the engine are routed into the canister, with the oil vapor cooling and falling out of suspension with the blow-by gases to condense and collect as a liquid in the canister. The blow-by gases then exit the canister through a filtered vent. The oil collected within the canister may be drained as required with the base drain valve.

V Star 1100 Intakes

Premium Chubby performance intakes

Another complementing product we make is our “Faux Intake Bracket” This allows you to have your cake and eat it too! Exclusively designed for the Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic and Custom that is currently using a “Pod” style Intake kit like our Chubby Performance Kit.

We know our Chubby kits produce the best overall performance gains on the V-Star 1100’s but, since they are hidden up under the fuel tank and not visible there’s no bling to go with that gain. In the past this left you with two choices, leaving the OE external air box in place or removing it completely. Now you have another option!

Our SSCC Faux Intake mounting kit allows fitment of just about any HD/CV style intake and although nonfunctional, they allow you to create a custom look you’re after, while reaping all the benefits of the outstanding performance gains offered up by our Chubby Intake. These nonfunctional intakes can also be a great hiding place for electronic add-ons like amplifiers…

V Star 1100 Intakes

Faux Intake Bracket

SS Custom Cycle kits are the first and last word in V Star 1100 performance and backed with the best tech support in the industry.  If you’re after a solid product that’s does exactly what it claims, that’s reliable and that’s easy to set up and tune you’ve just found it!!

Thank You!