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Fuel Management for Yamaha

Do I need a fuel controller?  We get asked this all the time… So, can Yamaha’s ECU correct for performance modifications on the Fuel Injected bikes? Not in our opinion, and not Yamaha’s either…

According to Yamaha, and what we have found in our results dealing “specifically” with Yamaha cruisers, if you add performance products you will need to correct for proper fuel delivery. This is the same for the FI models as it was for the carbureted bikes. Carburetors you re-jetting when adding performance mods, FI equipped bikes you alter electronically. Not doing so will cause the bike to run lean and can potentially cause engine damage over time. As Yamaha notes in their video below, their fuel injection system is calculated,… It does not, and cannot actually measure increased air over the OE design. Those calculations are based on the stock OE components, not aftermarket performance products. Adding performance aftermarket intakes and exhausts allow a greater volume of air to pass through the motor, increasing the efficiency and overall performance. The motor is essentially a large air pump, the more air you can get in and out of it, the greater the power increase becomes. Doing this properly and efficiently requires a correct (AFR) Air to Fuel Ratio… As stated in the Yamaha video it clearly states that “their” fuel injection system cannot measure that increased air flow, it therefore cannot correct the fuel as required. Pay close attention from 6 minutes on… It clearly states that the their fuel injection system is calculated, and not measured

We will be doing several Dyno runs on a 2015 Yamaha Bolt, these runs will be performed by and outside shop with no connection to Yamaha or SS Custom Cycle, nor do they sell products for such… We will be sharing all of the results here.

The following will be done without a fuel controller installed
– All Stock bike for a base line
– Stock bike with after market Intake
– Stock intake with aftermarket exhaust system
– Aftermarket intake with stock exhaustThe following will be repeated with the use of a fuel controller
– Stock intake with aftermarket slip-on exhaust system
– Aftermarket intake, exhaust, controller and our cams

Dyno results 06/07-16