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Performance Intakes for Yamaha Nov 2016

The intakes that SS Custom cycle offers will all yield the same performance results, allowing you to select on appearance instead of performance. The only difference is the type of filter used, gauze, paper or foam. Gauze is cleanable and reusable, paper is disposable and must be replaced when dirty and lastly foam, it is cleanable allowing for a longer lifespan than paper although, it is still a disposable filter and needs to be replaced once it shows signs of deterioration. Another thing you should know is that for best results filters should be inspected at every oil change interval and serviced if needed.

One last thing to note, there is no need to match brand components, all intakes will perform the same, doing the same job and pricing also has no effect on performance. Higher pricing on some kits is simply due to materials used, and machining time to produce the finished product. Tuners should be selected with consideration of your riding style and what you’re looking to achieve from the bike. Exhausts have to be selected by style, sound or performance…