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Cobra Race Pro Slip-On Mufflers for HD Touring Models

These novel 4 in. muffler bodies feature advanced acoustical tuning technologies for a deep rumbling sound, and its unique strap dsign the Race Pro takes a radical departure from the norm




These novel 4 in. muffler bodies feature advanced acoustical tuning technologies for a deep rumbling sounds. The 4 in. round muffler front expands just after the steel clam shell clamp to 4-1/2 in. diameter. The gloss black finish on the aluminum tip is matched with the gloss black finish on the laser-cut steel strap that tightly encircles the muffler and has built-in mounting points. With its unique strap the Race Pro looks like a radical departure from the norm, when in fact, the Race Pro mounts the same way as nearly every slip-on muffler from Cobra. The strap clamps tightly around the muffler and bolts to the bike’s hanger mounts located beneath the saddlebags. PEM® fasteners in the wrap make mounting a simple task of threading in a bolt from the upper bracket into the Cobra strap. The mufflers come with 3 in. cores encased in proprietary Cobra sound tuning materials with specific acoustical dampening and thermal insulation properties. The basso profondo notes are made possible because of class-leading resonance absorption and prevention. The frequency and location of the perforation patterns in the high-flo cores creates significant sound scattering in the mid-frequencies, which helps to enhance the low frequency tones. The high-flo core itself is a massive 3 in. in diameter which gives the muffler an aggressive look without the objectionable sound levels. Like all Cobra exhausts the Race Pro slip-on mufflers are made in the U.S. and come with a limited lifetime warranty that even covers discoloration. They use precision, laser-cut mounting brackets and stainless steel clamps to mount to the stock headpipes or to Cobra’s PowrPort Dual headpipes.

Touring Models 95-16

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Black, Chrome


2017 Touring Models, 95-16 Touring Models