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Cobra Power Pro HP 2 into 1 Exhaust


The Cobra Power Pro HP 2 into 1 Exhaust features proven exhaust tuning technology, that deliverers class-leading horsepower gains for unmatched performance.



SS-Custom-USAHow do you take the best performing and best looking 2-into-1 in the business and make it better? Design a version with a sleek cylindrical muffler body in addition to the megaphone style of the original PowerPro. Then cap off that lustrously chromed 3.75-inch muffler body with a massive, machined chromed billet tip. Just like our Cobra Power Pro HP 2 into 1 Exhaust, the HP takes our proven exhaust tuning technology to new heights with its class-leading horsepower gains to offer unmatched performance. The Cobra Power Pro HP 2 into 1 Exhaust will deliver significant and measurable horsepower and torque improvements over the stock system as well as better overall performance and rideability. That’s to say nothing of its deep throaty sound.

Just as important, the Cobra Power Pro HP 2 into 1 Exhaust features our proprietary internal cooling technology. Most 2-into-1 pipes suffer from a tendency to turn blue around the muffler body due to excessive heat. The way we’ve built this pipe should all but eliminate that unsightly blemish. It’s another winning Cobra solution combining enhanced functionality with impeccable design.

Collector Heat Shield
This is the industry’s first 222-degree 2-into-1 shield system. The collector shield beautifies the collector area, covering that busy 2-into-1 junction with a nifty little chromed guard. This pipe offers an overall performance increase with improved rideability. The long lasting non-bluing finish is due to proprietary internal cooling system.

Chromed Billet Tip
This 3.75-inch megaphone body of the PowerPro HP comes equipped with a matching, and beautifully machined, chromed billet tip. Rounded edges and beveled inner wall finish off the end of the exhaust with and graceful flair.

Double Insulated Megaphone
Cobra’s exclusive double insulated muffler body virtually eliminates bluing. Throw in our 222-degree heat shields and unique collector area heat shield, and our PowerPro HP 2-into-1 exhaust is what you could call blue proof. These same shields keep your system looking good with the performance you expect from Cobra.


Year Make Model
2007 – 2014 Yamaha XVS1300A V-Star


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