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Chubby Performance Intake Premium Kit

All V Star 1100 Intakes are not created equal

If you want performance from your Yamaha V Star 1100 look no further! Our Chubby performance intake kits for the V Star 1100 deliverer a solid 6 to 8 HP gain & flawless tuning. Real power felt with every twist of the throttle. Designed exclusively for the XVS-1100 V-Star back in 2002, our V Star […]

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Performance Braking, Better stopping power is a mod away! Nov 2016

If you’re looking for improved braking give some thought to aftermarket braided lines and better quality brake pads, this will greatly improve your overall braking and hard stopping ability… Braided lines have less flex then standard OE lines and they offer more responsive braking power with no spongy feel when the brakes are applied. Replacement […]

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Bolt-Blunt Force Intake

Performance Intakes for Yamaha Nov 2016

The intakes that SS Custom cycle offers will all yield the same performance results, allowing you to select on appearance instead of performance. The only difference is the type of filter used, gauze, paper or foam. Gauze is cleanable and reusable, paper is disposable and must be replaced when dirty and lastly foam, it is […]

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Fuel Management for Yamaha

Do I need a fuel controller?  We get asked this all the time… So, can Yamaha’s ECU correct for performance modifications on the Fuel Injected bikes? Not in our opinion, and not Yamaha’s either… According to Yamaha, and what we have found in our results dealing “specifically” with Yamaha cruisers, if you add performance products you […]

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